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January workshop

SEO Workshop is back

Join our 4-day SEO workshop, which is perfect for freelancers. Learn simple and effective ways to earn money while working in the comfort of your home. 

Class starts on January 6, 2024

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WORKSHOP FEE: ₱ 1,999 (Submit a 20% deposit to secure your slot, payable by January 6, 2024)

Free SEO Webinar

It is my opinion, based on significant data & research, that the freelancing market is shifting.

The only way you survive is if you stay ahead of these changes.

I’m not being cheeky when I say this. I firmly believe most Freelancers are going to struggle over the next 18 months.

A few agencies or individuals are going to grow 5x, 10x, 25x — and I believe to the best of my ability, the differences between the two outcomes have to do with the contents on this page.


What we Offer

Hands-on training in SEO

We offer hands-on training in SEO using a test environment, moving away from outdated courses.

Inner circle community

Post-workshop, you’ll receive ongoing support from our Inner circle community; secure a spot with a 20% deposit (January 5), refundable if unsatisfied. Limited to 30 seats.

Proprietary frameworks

Our proprietary frameworks and strategies guide you on optimization for successful campaigns, especially for attracting high-level clients.

Ituring natin na parang pamilya ang mga client natin, sobrang close kmi nito at parang ate ko na sya. Client ko sya since march itong taon lang.


WORKSHOP FEE: ₱ 1,999 (Submit a 20% deposit to secure your slot, payable by January 6, 2024)

Hi, I'm Eli

Eli Gutilban

A full-time SEO consultant at iCXeed, where we specialize in business process innovation. My commitment is always towards delivering not just services, but real value. I take pride in optimizing digital strategies to foster growth and efficiency. My expertise in SEO ensures that our clients at iCXeed not only gain a strong online presence but also achieve sustainable business success.

Where I started

I started freelancing as a Social Media Manager in 2019 while juggling a BPO job and college, charging an hourly rate of $5. In 2020, after leaving my job due to the pandemic and health concerns, I expanded my skills in digital marketing, including SEO, ads, and web development.

This upskilling allowed me to raise my hourly rate to $20-$30. Today, as a full-time SEO-focused digital marketing specialist, I aim to redefine the freelancer-client relationship, emphasizing the overall client experience.

I’m dedicated to equipping freelancers with the tools to excel and set new industry standards

Success Stories

Let's cover a few bases:

This is not a ‘done for you’ or any ‘typical SEO courses’ online. In this workshop, we aim to help you learn and understand SEO, oral communication, and how to find your clients. Our focus is on providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed as a freelancer, rather than simply handing you pre-packaged solutions

Our workshop is limited to 30 participants to ensure personalized attention and thorough understanding. If unsatisfied, attendees can request a full refund. We also offer an ‘enroll now, pay later’ option, requiring a PHP 500 down payment to reserve a spot, with the balance due on the last session. This approach aims to make the workshop both accessible and valuable for everyone.

We offer dedicated after-sales support, including access to a select community with current resources, courses, and a network of peers and mentors. This exclusive group consists of workshop attendees, a mentor, and an administrator, aiming to help members achieve their goals and tackle challenges. The community emphasizes continuous support and guidance for success.


(Please note that this limited-time offer is only available for a limited period and is subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time. Don’t miss out, enroll now and take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.)

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